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This scene was totally something that only Alfonso Cuaron could have come up with.

This scene was totally something that only Alfonso Cuaron could have come up with.

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I am looking forward to reading Perks of Being a Wallflower. 

That is.

Before I watch the movie.

100 Reasons Why “100 Reasons to Hate Twilight” is Wrong


You guys may have seen this roaming around Tumblr. Basically, an anti-Twilight Tumblr came up with 100 reasons Twilight deserves to be hated, which turned out to be only 95 reasons, and someone responded with pro-Twilight answers. Well, the original was a little mean for my taste, so I answered to each “reason” in my own way. This is not because I wanna get in a fight on the internet so very badly. This is just so you guys know what I, as a book reviewer, am all about when it comes to Twilight


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Live in action:

Serena Williams vs. Victoria Azarenka at the Centre Court, Wimbledon.

Looks like Serena William will win, even if I was supporting Azarenka.

BOOK REVIEW: Matched by Ally Condie

This book is pretty good. It is just as good as I expected it to be. Ally Condie wrote a very different kind of novel in the dystopian genre. It felt less like dystopian and more like a story about love and how it can change a person.

The beginning is good but it takes time to pick up. It’s much of a problem since Ally Condie’s writing is enough to keep you entertained. At first, Cassia sounds very shallow. But that is because of the way she has been brought up. She sounds like a girl whose objective in life is to get a good Match. She is dreaming like an ordinary girl. However, I am very pleased with her character. She grows throughout the novel. And one thing I loved about her was that she is driven by her own choices. She is selfish and fights for the thing she wants. Also, she makes no apologies for the way she is. She is supposed to be with Xander, but she falls in love with Ky instead. I was pleased to read about her making her own choices and being decisive. She kind of chooses very early on. Actually, truly speaking she never would have gone for Xander. It was something forced down upon her by the society. Overall, her character development was amazing and I am dying to know where she goes from here.

I loved her interactions with her grandfather. He is the one who asks her not to ‘go gentle’. She remembers that he wanted her to fight and sees that even her parents are willing to break the rules for the ones they love. She follows the same path. I also liked how understanding she was of Ky. He is a very sweet and loving guy. The kind of relationship they have is very sweet and based on pure love. I want to know more about Ky and I am glad that the second one will be presented in his perspective as well. Also, Xander sounds like a nice guy but I have to see more depth to him.

One issue that I do have with this book is that sometimes the characters seem to have no depth. Like, we know Ky is wounded but there is no more explained other than his parents were killed and he is an Aberration. I feel sorry for the guy. The parts where he teaches her to write was pretty romantic. It is a silly thought, but it was sweet.

I also loved the fact that Cassia and Ky are not lovesick and lusty teenagers. They have a deep and emotional connection. When they say they love each other, I feel it. And I was not happy when they were forced apart but that was very predictable. I was more interested in Cassia and Ky’s relationship in this book, but towards the end I started seeing what kind of a rebellion could be done against the Society. We still do not know the extent of its evil. In that case, this book is more lenient than other dystopian novels because there was no bloodshed in the first book and only one character died. 

I don’t want action in the second book because I enjoyed the emotion driven story and this is something that makes it different from other violent dystopian novels. I just want to know more about by boy Ky and for Cassia to grow up more. I want them to fight for the love they have and be united as soon as possible. I hope the rebellion stuff keeps me interested in a plot other than their relationship because I love it so much.

BOOK REVIEW: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

I absolutely finished this book in a day. It felt like a long read, and I was impatient at times but I am glad I read it. The ending was one of the best cliffhangers I have read in a long time. We have some questions answered in this book, but so many new ones are introduced.

I wasn’t impressed with Tris in this book as I was in the beginning, but it was still believable as to why she acted the way she did. She is suffering from PTSD and has suffered a heavy loss. At the same time, she is guilty about killing her good friend, Will. I empathize about the way she felt for herself but it kind of got boring for me to read about it over and over. Other than that, she is probably more selfless this time around than she ever was. She sees it as her duty to protect her faction and sacrifice herself for the ones she love- like her parents did. But what mattered was that she was able to put herself back together in the end. I would have to praise Veronica Roth for the character development. She is truly an amazing writer.

I still love Four/Tobias. Probably much, much more. I am completely in love with his character. He loves Tris enough to die for her and would do anything to protect her. I also respect Tris for the fact that she didn’t fall for another guy. Love triangles are becoming to repetitive and cliche nowadays. Even when there is no reason for the female lead to fall for someone else, she usually does. I am very glad Veronica Roth didn’t repeat that. I was also very happy that their relationship survived in the end. It is a driving force of the whole plot.

I don’t have any favorites in the side characters but they are all very well written and thought out. I like Christina, Uriah, Caleb and Lynn and her death was sad for me. Even Peter the psychopath is a character that can be enjoyed. While reading both books, I feel the love the writer has for her characters- especially Four. I have to say Veronica Roth is also fond of Tris and Four’s relationship, and that is why she puts them through hell and back but never lets them break up for petty reasons. This is definitely a selling point of the whole series. True love- the kind that Tobias and Tris have is rare in YA. Most of the characters break up at the drop of the hat, otherwise. I am glad Veronica Roth doesn’t do that to her characters.

Other than that, the ending left me confused and I thought I didn’t get it at first. I read the last few lines again and understood that only what is written is revealed; we have to wait for the final book to get all the answers and explanations required. I had guessed some part of it at first, but the Edith Prior part was pretty amazing. Veronica Roth devised a pretty complex plot. I had loved Divergent because it had been an easy read, and for this one I had to pay attention to small details to understand the big moments. Everything was connected and woven together very well. It was worth a read and didn’t let me down in any way. It was hard to see where the plot was going at first; and then it was smooth and fast paced as always. I managed to predict the big twist by the middle of the book, but the way she wrote it was pretty darn good and didn’t seem cheesy or forced. I have high expectations for the last one and it sucks that I have to wait so long to get all the answers.

BOOK REVIEW: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

This was not a bad book overall. Cassandra Clare managed to answer most of the lingering questions and wrapped up the plot neatly. I am still waiting to get crazy about these books, but I just can’t. Overall TMI is just an okay series. It’s not great, but it’s not bad.

What I note is that Clare likes the readers to be sold out on some aspects or ideas about the plot, then take it away from us and then magically giving us what we wanted in the end. This is what she is doing in The Infernal Devices series. Tessa and Will are like Jace and Clary in many aspects. I think both endgames are going to be the same, because Clare seems to like her bad boy characters better. Also, she never creates actual “bad” guys. Both Jace and Will are pretty nice guys actually. If it weren’t for the circumstances when they were young, they wouldn’t be like we see them initially. Anyway, as always Jace won me over in this book just like always. 

The ending was a happy one and was just. So I am looking forward to a ‘just’ ending with Infernal Devices too. Anyway, I am very curious about the epilogue of City of Glass. Magnus Bane seems to be talking to Tessa’s projection or ghost. Whatever that is. That is a big unanswered question. Also, the references of the Gray book seem to be pointing in Tessa Gray’s direction as well.

The way Valentine’s death was handled was too easy. The angel Raziel appearing at the end was pretty cheesy. I am predicting a similar scenario in Infernal Devices too. Maybe.

In the end, Clary’s character is likable. I don’t see why people get annoyed by her because I like her well enough. I wasn’t a fan in the beginning but Clare did good things to her character and made her more likable. Simon, Isabelle and Magnus are good as always but it was Alec who made an impression on me. I loved him and his development as a character very well. Luke was also brilliant as always. He is probably the best character in the series so far apart from Jace.

I am dreading the second trilogy of this series because I’ve read terrible reviews about them. All I want is a plot that doesn’t seem forced or ridiculous. As long as the developments in the plot make sense, I am fine with 10 more books. But one issue I had with all three books is that I have to struggle at some point or the other to remain interested. I can’t see how this can get fixed all of a sudden in City of Fallen Angels. We’ll see but.

Overall rating: 3/5